Woman Seeking: Social Media

Woman Seeking Makeup is now on Twitter! Thanks to Made From Beauty for the prompt =) If you’re on Twitter and want to follow, look me up @WSMakeup ✨ I have no idea how good I’ll be at Twitter as I kind of suck at maintaining my personal account, but we will see!

In case you’ve missed it, WSM is also on Facebook, which you can find here 


I’m also on Instagram, at WomanSeekingMakeup as well.  Pretty straightforward, right? So if you’re loving the blog, find me on the other fun social sites, too!



Woman Seeking: The Creative Blogger Award 🏆

Thanks to Lipstick & Lightsabers and Honestly Positive Lifestyle, I was nominated for the Creative Blogger Award! Each of these blogs are great, and I encourage you to take a moment to check them out. Thanks so much ladies! I was nominated quite a while ago, but I finally have time (and Internet service) to upload this post! 

The rules of the award are:

  • Thank and post the link of the person who nominated you (lol I’m sad this had to be made a rule!)
  • Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
  • Nominate 5 blogs
  • Pass on the rules

Some …fun?..facts about me aaare:

  1. I crunch all of my chips before I eat them. If it’s an individual sized bag I just crinkle the whole thing up, or if it’s a large bag (or at a gathering or picnic or something) I will portion my serving onto a plate and then smash them with my fingers. I don’t crunch Pringles, however. I think this may be a leftover habit from my days with braces? No clue!
  2. My favorite movie is Ever After, even though normally I don’t like Drew Barrymore. I’ve seen it countless times and it has yet to get old. It’s romantic and smart and sassy wi subtle humor and just oh so great. 
  3. I love using the 😩 emoji! It’s so dramatic and over the top! It’s probably one of my most used. 
  4. I’m a huge dog person. I’m not anti-cat, mind you, but I definitely prefer dogs. I’m an animal lover in general, actually. I also like horses, turtles, and hedgehogs. I’m hoping to maybe get a dog in a couple of months, but I have to make sure I have the time it deserves first. Be realistic about pets, folks! 
  5. My preferred (daytime) tea is Irish Breakfast Tea from Twinings. I like it straight, but I usually add a touch of creamer/almond milk, and sometimes a half a packet of sugar. I try to start off my day with green tea because, ya know, health…but when I need the caffeine or sweetness this is what I grab. 

So that’s a little bit more about me! It’s not beauty related, but I thought it was fun to fill out and hopefully fun to read. I’ve decided to tag some blogs I’ve been loving recently. Not all do these are beauty related, but they deserve some love! If you are one of the blogs I nominated and are reading this, no pressure! I simply wanted to inform my readers of your awesome blog and send some good vibes.  Those blogs are:

Feeding The Heart

Bitsy Besty

Life With Tisha

Made From Beauty

With All My Affecttion

Check them out, and list some of your favorites blogs or fun facts about yourself in the comments!



Woman Seeking: An Explanation

I’m baaack! After a mini hiatus I’m so excited to get into the groove of things again and put out some (hopefully) awesome posts! I thought I had published a post giving the heads up that I was going on a mini break, but I realized today that it was set to private! Fail! Sorry about that. The past week or so has been crazy! I checked out a few new apartment complexes, signed a lease for my favorite, and have been in the process of moving. Anyone who’s ever moved knows what a trip that can be. Luckily I didn’t move too far away, just under an hour to the west of my family home, but that seems to be a bit of a downfall because instead of feeling the need to clean out everything from my parents all at once, I’ve gone slow and figured “eh, I can just make another trip later.” This has resulted in me bringing all of my clothes…but not a single hanger. Smooth. I’m happy to be back in my own space, though, and the best part is my commute to work went from an hour to about 10 minutes! Wahoo! With all the craziness going on, I had to step away from my blog for a minute, and I appreciate everyone’s support and understanding. Now that I’m more settled, I’m ready to write! I am going to try switching up my publishing days and see how that works with my schedule. My apartment has great natural light, but I don’t have Internet, so hopefully this new publishing schedule will help alleviate any inconveniences. The futures looking bright and I look forward to putting out some new posts!


PS – The candles pictured are two I’ve been burning constantly. I was looking for the perfect spring candle, and Be Green fits the bill to a T. It smells like outside and freshness, and this mini candle has really impressed me with how fragrant it is! It scents my whole living room without being overpowering. Plus this mini size was only $5, which is a great value for how much I love it. Beachwood is great for evenings, with a somewhat cozy and subtle scent. It’s not as strong as I would prefer, but there is something nice about catching a whiff of it every so often while relaxing with a movie. 


Woman Seeking: The Liebster Award 🏆

I was nominated by Lightsabers and Lipstick to do the Liebster Award! I am so happy to be nominated, and the opportunity to share my favorite new blogs! I’ve seen this award going around, and thought it was a really fun thing to do. This comes at the perfect time, because if you follow my blog you know that I didn’t put out a post as I normally would on Thursdays. Between work and getting ready for the tri and life, I was just too exhausted and didn’t have any back up posts to use in place of a fresh piece. So I’m back this week, and may even throw in an extra post to even things out! We’ll see. 

Here were my questions:

1. What are two makeup products that you can’t live without?

I’d have to say Benefit’s The Porefessional primer and mascara (no specific kind). Not that I wear makeup everyday, but when I do, those are always staples. I always put on primer before BB Cream, Foundation, or even tinted moisturizer, and the Porefessional is my favorite. And as much as I love lip products, it would feel weird to wear lip anything but no mascara, but it wouldn’t feel weird to wear mascara and no lip product!

2. If you had to eat one thing for the rest of your life what would it be?

I saw this answer on Instagram or somewhere once and I thought it was so clever, so I’ll try to mimic it here – I would chose salad. Not only because I do love salad, but also because salad is so vague. There is garden salad, Caesar salad, fruit salad, pasta salad, Greek salad, tuna salad, chicken salad, potato salad…you can pretty much make anything into some form of salad. Loophole!

3. If you could switch places with any character in and book or movie, who would it be? Why?

Id switch places with Danielle from Ever After, simply because it’s my favorite movie

4. What’s your favorite drink at Starbucks?

An iced soy chai tea latte. I like the hot version, too! 

5. What is your favorite guilty pleasure tv show?

Mob Wives. It’s ridiculous, and stupid reality tv, and just…ridiculous. And I love it. It’s not my favorite show, but definitely a guilty pleasure

6. If you could drop everything and travel somewhere right now, where would it be?

This is SO hard for me to pick, but as of right now, this moment, I’d have to say Bali. 

7. What would make your perfect pizza?

I like a non tomato sauce pizza. Maybe a fresh Margherita pizza? 

8. What fictional character do you want to marry or be best friends with?

I used to have a crush on Demetri from Anastasia, does that count?

9. Do you have any pets? If not do you want any?

No I don’t have any animals (although my parents have a dog!). I love animals and would love one of my own, but I just don’t have the time an animal deserves.

10. If you could have one super power what would it be?

Again, an answer I’m totally stealing from I don’t know where – the power of refill. Hungry? Refill plate. Tired? Refill energy. Late? Refill time. Annoyed with someone? Refill their bladder haha

11. What Disney character do you most realate to?

Max Goof…he’s cool, awkward, independent but still loves his family, and a little cynical at times but wants to embrace the wonderfull! 

I didn’t play by the rules completely, because I had a hard time figuring out of the blogs had less than 200 or not, so I’m just nominating or mentioning a few that I would recommend checking out! For any of you that I nominate, please don’t feel pressured to post this yourself if it’s not in your scheduling, just know I enjoy your blog and hopefully my readers will too!


  1. Link back to the person that nominated you
  2. Answer the questions given by the nominator
  3. Nominate 11 other bloggers with less than 200 followers
  4. Create 11 questions for the nominees
  5. Notify all nominees via social media/blogs

Below are the lovely blogs that I would like to nominate:

Luce Luxe Lifestyle

Made From Beauty

Charm and Chocolate

Lucy Cowlin

Sprinkle of Pretty

The Honey Blonde Life

Charlene Chic

Lauren Rellis

Bitsy Besty

Beauty East Coast

Toast The Girl Almighty 

And your questions are:

  1. What is your favorite new (or new to you) product?
  2. Best makeup tip you ever received?
  3. What is your current skincare routine?
  4. What is one thing you do to keep healthy?
  5. Favorite quote or life perspective?
  6. What is one blog related pet peeve you have?
  7. What is one fun or interesting fact about yourself?
  8. Any goals you are working on or have for this year?
  9. What’s your favorite recipe to share (and share it!)?
  10. What’s the most interesting thing you’ve heard recently?
  11. Favorite movie?

I hope this was fun to read! It was fun to answer and let you all get to know a few silly things about me =)



Woman Seeking: A Mini Celebration

Today I’m taking a little pause from my regular posts in order to celebrate another milestone I’ve hit. Last night I officially hit and then exceeded 1,000 views! Wahoo! I had hoped to hit this number by the end of the month, and wasn’t too sure if 1,000 views was too lofty of a goal, but it happened, and a few days early, too! 

Not only did I hit 1,000 views, but my my goal of having 50 followers was also met and exceeded! Right now there are 60 of you out there who are signed up to be notified each time I publish a new post. What?! Is this real life? I’m so happy and thankful for all of you out there interested in my beauty ramblings! 

It’s so fun to see my numbers grow and I hope to continue to have posts that you all enjoy reading and find helpful. I love all the feedback I’ve gotten over the past couple of months and am excited to hear more of your thoughts and ideas this upcoming month as well. As always, if there are any products you’re interested in or curious of my opinion on, leave a comment for me!

Look at all those countries! Pretty cool, huh? Anyways, thank you all once again for the continued love and support! I’ll be back to posting more beauty related content this Thursday, as usual, so make sure to check back! 


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Woman Seeking: A Mall Haul

The other day I was visiting someone on the other side of my state, and I was able to do a little shopping at a really nice mall over there. The malls on my side of the state are quite small and don’t have a lot of variety in stores, so I was pumped to be able to browse and get my hands on certain products without paying extra for shipping. The mall I usually go to when I visit the East side is large and great, but this one was a bit fancier (think Burberry, Armani, Gucci as well as your typical Buckle, Express, Foot Locker) and the inside was absolutely gorgeous! I should have taken a picture, but I was too distracted. I picked up a few things and am excited to share them all with you!


Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Hand Cream – I stopped into Urban Outfitters and was happy to see a small selection of Tony Moly products. Tony Moly is a Korean brand that is slowly starting to gain popularity here in the US. I am a huge fan of their cutesy packaging and the products are good and smell wonderful as well. I was torn between this Panda and the Peach handcream (that smells so juicy and fresh…it honestly makes me want to eat it!), but ultimately went with the Panda. It is so adorable and smells light and sweet, maybe like some kind of fruit candy? But very light. I don’t like candy smelling scents but I like this. I’m terrible at describing scents, just know I love it.


Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub – The second place I went to, and the only place that was actually on my agenda, was Lush. I don’t have a Lush store anywhere near me and I’ve been wanting to try their products for years, but shipping costs always stop me from ordering online. Knowing there was a store over this way, I finally decided I needed to go in and grab a couple of things! I picked up their famous lip scrub in the bubblegum flavor. My lips have been a little dry and rough lately, which I am unaccustomed to since I rarely get chapped lips, so I thought this would be the perfect time to test it out. I love that you apply it and then lick it off. I tested a bit in the store because I was worried the grains of sugar would be to large, but they are very small and there are a lot of them so I was pleased.


Lush Butterball Bath Bomb – I wanted to pick up one of the bath bombs Lush sells and went with the Butterball because, honestly, it’s one of the cheapest they sell, as well as being one of their best sellers. It’s supposed to be great for dry skin since it contains cocoa butter, and I love the smell. It’s comfy and slightly perfumy and warm. I think it will be perfect for a cozy winter bath before bed. The website says it smells of vanilla musk and ylang-ylang. So there is that. Either way it smells divine, even through the paper bag it’s packed in. I can’t wait to try my first bath bomb and see what all the hype is about.


Bite Beauty 5 Night Fix For Lips – I was totally going to avoid Sephora, but my mall only has a Sephora Inside JC Penny whereas this mall had an actual STORE, so the person I was visiting convinced me to at least take a peek, and pick up a few things. First things first I grabbed this little fix-it kit for lips. The packaging is nice (and reusable!), although I feel like there is a little empty space inside…as if there should be one more thing included. No matter, it contains a 5 night supply of a whipped cherry scrub stick and their agave lip mask. I’m most excited to try the lip mask and see how that does. I’ve considered purchasing the full size lip mask multiple times, but wasn’t 100% sure if it was worth the price, so this sample is perfect.


Sephora Favorites Skin Cleanse To Go – I was actually going to buy this online but hadn’t yet, so I was happy to be able to pick this up in store. I really like the Sephora Favorites kits, and this is such a great value and there is only one product I’m not overly excited to try (and that’s simply because I’ve tried it before). A sample jar of the GlamGlow ThirstyMud Duocleanse mask with the exact same product amount is $19, so at $18 this enables you to have that as well as three bonus products. Also included is a 10 pack of Ole Henricksen Grease Relief cleansing cloths, First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser, and REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask.


Bobbi Brown Beach EDP – A complete and utter impulse buy, I was stunned when I was a rollerball of this classic Bobbi Brown fragrance! I’ve smelled this before but a bottle is too expensive for my taste, as well as hard to find. Usually when a perfume is too expensive I buy the rollerball or purse spray, but I had never seen the purse spray before that day! It smells exactly like a trip to the beach or pool, with sunscreen and sunshine and summer air. I love anything that smells like summer and this is summer in a perfume. With the ridiculous wind chill temperatures my state has been having lately, I needed a little summer in my life. It also makes me feel really fancy and chic to own something Bobbi Brown, is that lame? I love her vibe.


MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Girl About Time – I was looking for a brighter, more spring/summer color that I could throw on and instantly look more together, and this shade fit the bill perfectly. It’s a bright fuchsia color, like a hot pink with purple tones. It’s more drying than my beloved Crème in Your Coffee, but the color LASTS. I put a balm over this to offset the dryness factor and the color stayed put even after I wiped it off with a napkin, almost as if it was a stain (although it’s not a stain).

There were so many stores I had to bypass (Aveda! Origins!), but it was nice to be in an area with a new and wider selection of stores and items than I have back home. It was like being a kid in a candy store! I can’t wait to use all my new goodies, and I’ll report back my thoughts in future posts!



Woman Seeking: An Introduction

Foundation. Mascara. Lipstick.

Illuminating. Waterproof. Matte.

The world of makeup and beauty can be a confusing one. Some people love it, and delight in trying all of the latest and greatest. Others dread when their go-to gets discontinued and want a new option without much hassle. I think I fall somewhere in the middle. I can spend hours browsing aisles and aisles of makeup, but have neither the counter space nor finances to waste my money on a $50 lipstick I wear once. I am someone that stands in the store and hopes my cell signal is strong enough to power my frantic Google search for a review on the product in my hand. After writing many reviews on websites myself, I decided to start this blog with hopes of helping others just like me. I’m not a professional makeup artist or esthetician, and I don’t have any type of training, but I do have many years as a consumer under my belt and that’s what I’m going to put to the test. I’m your average girl from the Midwest who has a passion for beauty and writing. I hope you enjoy this blog, and I look forward to seeing what beautiful things life has in store!