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Woman Seeking: The April Boxycharm

I recieved this month’s Boxycharm a little later than normal, through no fault of the company. You see, when I moved I didn’t think about forwarding my mail or packages, so it went to my parent’s house. No one mentioned that it had arrived and I forgot about it until a week ago. But it’s in my possession now! Yay! 

The April Bloom box was awesome! Once again, this month’s included products that could be varied from box to box. As I’ve mentioned before, I dislike this practice. From what I’ve seen, there were a two different scents of perfume, two different highlighters (either a shimmer brick or a loose mineral powder), and either a dual sided lip pencil or dual sided eye pencil, or a lipgloss. I’ve also seen some boxes with a Jang Ai jumbo lip crayon instead of the lip or eye pencil. I am not a fan of the variations because I think it can produce “product envy,” where you wish you had gotten the color someone else got. I especially don’t like that not only could the product be varied (ex: an Ofra powder or brick), but there was a trio of different brands you could receive for your third product (Vincent Longo, Model Co, or Jang Ai). All products were at the same price point, and I suppose you can only do so much with what you have, but this strangely bothers me. That being said, I would have been pleased with any of the different choices, and luckily I’m very happy with the ones put in my box!

Coolway Smoothing Lotion (full size) – this was the product I was least excited about,ms imply because I don’t usually have an issue with frizz. My hair is fine, thing, and stick straight, so I try to be careful with using products in it even when I do need a little something. The packaging makes it look cheap, like something you’d get off an infomercials do the pump is such that I couldn’t stop it mid pump, so I will pump out more than I need every time, which is a waste. The product itself is pretty nice. It comes out as a light milky gel, and instantly transforms to a slippery, watery-like consistency. I haven’t put it to use on my hair yet, but it dried quickly on my wrist and feels light enough to use on my hair without making it feel or look greasy or crispy. It also smells nice…kind of sweet, like a Spree. Not the worst product, not the best. To me, even if I get a product I dislike, the rest of the box more than makes up for the dud, so I have yet to feel as if I didn’t get my money’s worth. Also included was a promo code for the Coolway Hair website worth 35% off your purchase plus a free Knotty Girl brush (BOXY4U if you’re interested. Valid through May 15). 

OFRA Derma Mineral Powder in Pink Sapphire (full size) – I had a tough time capturing this with my iPhone but this powder is beautiful. I tried to show a thick swatch, an eyeshadow amount, and then blended in. Even though you can spot individual shimmer specks with your eyes (at least in person) , the powder is so fine and soft and blended in all at the same time. This will make such a pretty inner corner or lid shade, as well as a body shimmer when used with a fluffy brush. I’m not one that is big into cheek highlights, but if you are then this is definitely a ba-bam highlighter for you! A little goes a LONG way (my thick swatch is just my finger swiped around what was on the inside of the cap!) so I doubt I will finish this product in my lifetime. Two weird things 1) it’s promoted as a loose powder with natural sunscreen, yet nowhere on the box or product do I see an SPF level, which leads me to believe it’s so minimal it’s not worth labeling. If it’s going to be promoted as containing sunscreen, it should contain enough sunscreen to count. I know this is a common practice (many drinks claim to be “made with real juice” when a quick look at the label will reveal it contains 1% juice) but I never understand it. 2) The box says it’s “not labeled for sale in the State of California.” So odd. I wonder why?

Vincent Longo Duo Lip Pencil in Maple/Spring Rose (full size) – I love these colors! Sprin Rose is a light nude and perfect for his time of year, while the Maple will be great come fall and winter. This is such a good pencil for traveling as it gives you options yet takes up no extra space. You could also combine them for a subtle ombré or contoured lip. I tested this quickly before washing my face for the night, and it applied smoothly and seemed to be a fairly creamy formula. 

Harvey Prince Mini Roller Fragrance (mini) in Hello EDP – This was my second favorite product in the box. The packaging is so cute and chic with the black outside and pop of orange inside with the HP logo and carriage sprinkled around. I love when the INSIDE of a package has decoration. To me it shows attention to detail and makes it feel so lucky. The sleek black and glass rollerball feels very sophisticated as well. And the scent! It is right up my alley. It’s a fresh, citrusy floral scent that reminds me of Clinique’s Happy without being some kind of knock off. I’m very pleased and definitely see myself using this up. 

Coastal Scents Revealed 2 Palette (full size) – I, along with many, consider this to be the pièce de résistance. I’ve seen and heard about Coastal Scents for a while now, but couldn’t bring myself to order something I had no experience with, so I was so happy to see this included. Many say this has dupe shades for Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette, so I was even more excited because I was considering using one of my UD gift cards to buy the Naked 3 just a week before. The colors is watched were so pigmented and beautiful. It’s also very slim and not too big, meaning I could take this on aa trip without having it be outside of my makeup bag. The packaging is simple cardboard, so I will have to  take care not to squish it. Seven of the twenty colors are matte, including a light creamish shade, a black, a variety of browns, and a gorgeous cranberry. So. Much. Yes!

April’s box continues my love for Boxycharm. I don’t know how they manage to ale money when I paid $21 total (which covers any taxes and shipping) for this month’s box worth $146.90! Yes, there are some quirks that aren’t my personal favorite (the variety of products different people get), but the box itself is top notch. I can’t wait for next month. I’ve been having problems changing my address online and have had to email Customer Service (there is no phone number available to contact them, they truly are online only) and I’m curious to see how their CS operates. Hopefully everything gets resolved easy prays because so far I’m a huge fan of Boxycharm!


Update: Not even a full two hours after contacting Boxycharm’s Customer Service, I received a reply that they had fixed my shipping address! I’m highly impressed because it is Friday, and the little confirmation pop up I got when I sent my email said to expect a reply within 24-72 business hours. Thank you Venus and the Boxycharm team!

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Woman Seeking: A Mall Haul

The other day I was visiting someone on the other side of my state, and I was able to do a little shopping at a really nice mall over there. The malls on my side of the state are quite small and don’t have a lot of variety in stores, so I was pumped to be able to browse and get my hands on certain products without paying extra for shipping. The mall I usually go to when I visit the East side is large and great, but this one was a bit fancier (think Burberry, Armani, Gucci as well as your typical Buckle, Express, Foot Locker) and the inside was absolutely gorgeous! I should have taken a picture, but I was too distracted. I picked up a few things and am excited to share them all with you!


Tony Moly Panda’s Dream White Hand Cream – I stopped into Urban Outfitters and was happy to see a small selection of Tony Moly products. Tony Moly is a Korean brand that is slowly starting to gain popularity here in the US. I am a huge fan of their cutesy packaging and the products are good and smell wonderful as well. I was torn between this Panda and the Peach handcream (that smells so juicy and fresh…it honestly makes me want to eat it!), but ultimately went with the Panda. It is so adorable and smells light and sweet, maybe like some kind of fruit candy? But very light. I don’t like candy smelling scents but I like this. I’m terrible at describing scents, just know I love it.


Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub – The second place I went to, and the only place that was actually on my agenda, was Lush. I don’t have a Lush store anywhere near me and I’ve been wanting to try their products for years, but shipping costs always stop me from ordering online. Knowing there was a store over this way, I finally decided I needed to go in and grab a couple of things! I picked up their famous lip scrub in the bubblegum flavor. My lips have been a little dry and rough lately, which I am unaccustomed to since I rarely get chapped lips, so I thought this would be the perfect time to test it out. I love that you apply it and then lick it off. I tested a bit in the store because I was worried the grains of sugar would be to large, but they are very small and there are a lot of them so I was pleased.


Lush Butterball Bath Bomb – I wanted to pick up one of the bath bombs Lush sells and went with the Butterball because, honestly, it’s one of the cheapest they sell, as well as being one of their best sellers. It’s supposed to be great for dry skin since it contains cocoa butter, and I love the smell. It’s comfy and slightly perfumy and warm. I think it will be perfect for a cozy winter bath before bed. The website says it smells of vanilla musk and ylang-ylang. So there is that. Either way it smells divine, even through the paper bag it’s packed in. I can’t wait to try my first bath bomb and see what all the hype is about.


Bite Beauty 5 Night Fix For Lips – I was totally going to avoid Sephora, but my mall only has a Sephora Inside JC Penny whereas this mall had an actual STORE, so the person I was visiting convinced me to at least take a peek, and pick up a few things. First things first I grabbed this little fix-it kit for lips. The packaging is nice (and reusable!), although I feel like there is a little empty space inside…as if there should be one more thing included. No matter, it contains a 5 night supply of a whipped cherry scrub stick and their agave lip mask. I’m most excited to try the lip mask and see how that does. I’ve considered purchasing the full size lip mask multiple times, but wasn’t 100% sure if it was worth the price, so this sample is perfect.


Sephora Favorites Skin Cleanse To Go – I was actually going to buy this online but hadn’t yet, so I was happy to be able to pick this up in store. I really like the Sephora Favorites kits, and this is such a great value and there is only one product I’m not overly excited to try (and that’s simply because I’ve tried it before). A sample jar of the GlamGlow ThirstyMud Duocleanse mask with the exact same product amount is $19, so at $18 this enables you to have that as well as three bonus products. Also included is a 10 pack of Ole Henricksen Grease Relief cleansing cloths, First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser, and REN Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask.


Bobbi Brown Beach EDP – A complete and utter impulse buy, I was stunned when I was a rollerball of this classic Bobbi Brown fragrance! I’ve smelled this before but a bottle is too expensive for my taste, as well as hard to find. Usually when a perfume is too expensive I buy the rollerball or purse spray, but I had never seen the purse spray before that day! It smells exactly like a trip to the beach or pool, with sunscreen and sunshine and summer air. I love anything that smells like summer and this is summer in a perfume. With the ridiculous wind chill temperatures my state has been having lately, I needed a little summer in my life. It also makes me feel really fancy and chic to own something Bobbi Brown, is that lame? I love her vibe.


MAC Amplified Creme Lipstick in Girl About Time – I was looking for a brighter, more spring/summer color that I could throw on and instantly look more together, and this shade fit the bill perfectly. It’s a bright fuchsia color, like a hot pink with purple tones. It’s more drying than my beloved Crème in Your Coffee, but the color LASTS. I put a balm over this to offset the dryness factor and the color stayed put even after I wiped it off with a napkin, almost as if it was a stain (although it’s not a stain).

There were so many stores I had to bypass (Aveda! Origins!), but it was nice to be in an area with a new and wider selection of stores and items than I have back home. It was like being a kid in a candy store! I can’t wait to use all my new goodies, and I’ll report back my thoughts in future posts!



Woman Seeking: Candles & An Ulta Sale

I questioned myself over if I wanted to write this post instead of what I had planned, and decided the deals are too good to not talk about. Right now Ulta has Yankee Candle Company, Woodwick, and Stella Mare on sale. I’m not sure if they are being switched out for new scents or if Ulta is no longer going to be selling candles and reed diffusers, but now is the time to snap them up while you can! I picked a few on two different trips.


My first time around I chose to get some Yankee Candle Company candles. I’m going to be honest, I LOVE many of the scents that Yankee Candle produces but find the candles too expensive for my budget, so I never buy them. I have purchased their mini $2 candles as well as their “Car Jar” cardboard air freshener for my car, but that’s as much as I can ever justify spending. When I saw how discounted they were at Ulta, and realized I could also use my coupon, I couldn’t resist! I bought two small tumbler candles and one large jar candle for less than the cost of the large jar candle costs regularly! Not to mention, I got this while the bonus points offer was going on (now expired), so I was able to get some extra points.


I actually picked up these items today. This morning I received an email offering a free sample of Benefit’s new Roller Lash mascara with any purchase (available online or in-store, must be a Ulta Rewards member with valid one time use coupon code). I stopped by my local Ulta hoping they still had some candles left in stock and decided to go with these two Stella Mare candles. I’ve never purchased these candles or any soy candles before so I’m excited to see how they do. They smell wonderful in the box, so fingers crossed! Anywho, my total came up to $9.98, just two cents shy of being able to use my $3.50 off of $10 coupon, so I grabbed this Pixel High Shine Nail Lacquer in the color (144) The One And Only that was in a little sale jar on the counter to push me over the minimum balance needed for the coupon. I actually haven’t tried this brand of nail polish either, but the color is right up my alley, and the mini size ensures I’ll use it up before it goes bad. All in all, two candles, a nail polish, and a travel mascara for under $8 seems like a win to me!

Just thought I would pass along the information for any other candle lovers out there! I loved being able to pick up the larger versions of candle scents I already knew I liked, as well as purchase some new scents I’ve always wanted to try at prices that work for my budget, and get a free mascara as well! Selections vary by store, so go quick before your favorite sells out!


(Just as a reminder, this is not a sponsored post…I just really like good deals and candles!)