Woman Seeking: A GlamGlow PowerMud DuoCleanse Review

GlamGlow is a brand who’s products those of us poorer beauty lovers have eyed with longing for years now. Although they recently launched a line of facial cleansers, their mud masks are what put them on the map. At $69 for a 1.7 oz jar, my curiosity never beat out my practicality, and it remained a product I heard beauty guru’s rave about that I could never afford to try for myself. While they do have sample .5 oz jars available, those cost a cool $19, so it never found it’s way into my shopping cart. Recently, Sephora had a January Skincare promotion. At Sephora inside JC Penny stores there was a “build your own skincare kit” where for $25, a person could pick 5 of a dozen or so sample choices offered, and wouldn’t you know it, a .5 oz GlamGlow product in tube form was one of the choices! Although I believe both the ThirstyMud Hydrating Treatment and the PowerMud DuoCleanse Treatment were options, my store only had the PowerMud treatment left so I chose that one.

Waiting for it to dry while I can still move my face.

The PowerMud is described as “a mud-to-oil, gentle, deep cleansing treatment that removes the weekly buildup of dirt, oil, and makeup” on the Sephora website. It’s a tan colored product that you apply to bare skin, wait 5-10 minutes, and then add water to form an exfoliating cleanser and massage you skin, then rinse off. It’s recommended to be used 1-2 times a week. I chose to use it twice a week, and started from leaving it on 5 minutes my first time, then going to 7 minutes the next time, and finally 10 minutes every time after. I used it every Sunday evening, which is my usually face mask day, as well as Wednesday evenings. The .5 oz tube had a surprising amount of product, giving me almost a full month of use on that twice a week schedule before running out (to be fair, I haven’t cut the top off yet to get the last little bit of product, which I’m expecting to be enough for targeted use on my nose and cheeks).

It’s dry on my face. You can’t tell, but it is.

The first time I used it I noticed a uncomfortable tingling. It wasn’t quite intense enough to call “burning,” but I didn’t like it and considered not using it again. I had washed and dried my face prior to using the product as it says to apply to clean skin, and I don’t advise this. The next time I used the PowerMud, I wiped my face with a cleansing cloth and experienced no tingling when applying the mud. The following times I used either a cleansing cloth or a cotton round with Micellar water on it and also experienced no tingling, so I think it is best not to have a freshly washed face. Kind of like how they recommend waiting 30 minutes after brushing your teeth to apply whitening strips. If you’ve worn heavy makeup and a cleansing cloth just won’t do, but want to use the mud, wash your face but then try to wait as long as you can. Just my two cents. This mask also smells wonderful. It’s a very light scent, and I don’t think it’s a scent that would be overpowering for most people, which is nice. I want to describe it as Apple scented. I’m not sure if that comes to mind because of the green packaging or what, but I like it.

After adding water to emulsify the mask.

The mask dried just like any mask, and then I wet my hands and applied the water to my face as it directed. It emulsified easily, although there are bits of exfoliating particles that I found to be really harsh. It made me not want to keep rubbing it around. After rinsing and patting my face dry, I found my skin to be dry and tight feeling. I always wanted to make sure I had my facial spray and face cream ready to be applied otherwise I felt uncomfortable. For the record, I have combo to oily skin. I was especially shocked because although I understand a clay mask can be drying, it is supposed to transform into an oil cleaner, and feeling that dry after cleansing with an oil product was disappointing. I expected it to be at least softening, if not a bit more hydrating (even though I understand that this isn’t the purpose of this mask).

After: A close up

As for the overall effects, after the first time I used it I noticed some smaller spots that were on my face had decreased, but my chin ended up breaking out. While I do get pimples on my chin, I don’t normally get them I that quantity, but because it is a mask meant to clean deep, I figured this purge period was almost to be expected. This is why I decided to use it twice a week rather than only once. As I continued to use it, my skin finished he purging stage…and went right back to normal. I don’t think it was any better than before I started using the mud. My pores didn’t get any clearer over time, and I had the same amount of zitts (or lack of zitts) that I do on any given day.


For a final summary this mask didn’t live up to my expectations and the GlamGlow brand raves I’ve been hearing about. I definitely don’t think it is worth $69. I think that this particular mask is best used as a regular part of one’s skincare routine, as opposed to an occasional treatment. In my opinion, this mask is not for those who have dry or sensitive skin due to the drying factor and the harsh exfoliating particles. If you are curious and want to sample it, I do think the .5 oz jar or tubes include enough product for you to use more than once, so you can really get a feel of how you like it. I think of this as like a clarifying shampoo for your skin, so perhaps I just don’t use enough products throughout the week to really have a need for this. Maybe those that use heavy, full face makeup every day will benefit more. I can’t say. But for me, this was a no-go. I have another sample size of this, but I’m not 100% sure what to do with it. As I stated, this isn’t the type of thing I found to be good for using occasionally, but I don’t see any point in using a mask just to put on a mask. Maybe I’ll gift it, or include it in a giveaway (…but I don’t know if I should include something I don’t like in a giveaway? Even if it’s not that I dislike it, simply it does nothing for me? Opinions?).

I’m not completely turned off from the GlamGlow brand, but I’m even less interested in spending $19 than I was before to test out a different formula. I’m still interested in testing the kind that is hailed as a mini vacuum for pores, but I’m going to try to wait until a sample is part of another kit like this, or is offered as a choice for the free samples given for an online order.

Have you tried any GlamGlow products? What did you think? I have also tried the GlamGlow BrightMud Eye Treatment, is anyone interested in a review of that as well? Let me know in the comments!



6 thoughts on “Woman Seeking: A GlamGlow PowerMud DuoCleanse Review

  1. sherylevitt says:

    I have Thirstymud and I really love it. My dry skin soaks it right up! The price of their items is expensive, but mine has lasted me quite a while.


    • I have a foil packet sample of Thirstymud that I’m hoping I like better! I’m all for anything that is hydrating. I also want to try the Supermud. I want to get on the GlamGlow train! But this one…just not doing it for me


      • sherylevitt says:

        Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of mixed reviews on that one. But I’ve heard the Supermud is great and I’d love to try it out as well!


  2. Wow, so intersting that you had that burning/tingling sensation when putting on the powermud because i had the exact same experience with the YouthMud when I applied it. I completely cleansed my face, as this too says to use on clean skin and I was in a bit of discomfort while it was drying on my face. I haven’t used it again because of this but maybe ill try just using a cleansing cloth as you’ve suggested. Great review girl!


    • I think the Youthmud is supposed to tingle a bit, but I think there should be a difference between a tingling and a burning! Everyone has different levels of tolerance but it’s a bummer when you buy something and can’t use it. Try the cleansing cloth and hopefully that will help, good luck!


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