Woman Seeking: Brow Product Recommendations

My eyebrows are not what most would consider “on point.” They are naturally baby fine, sparse, and light in color. While I go to a brow specialist now, I used to get a cheap wax from the mall, and because of this my brows also grow all wonky…they start way too far away from my nose for my taste, and kind of splay out at the ends into a random patch of hair, as opposed to a neat little point. It’s not the worst pair of brows in the world, but it’s hard to do anything about that because I don’t have a lot of hair to work with. Lucky for me, eyebrow makeup was more popular than ever last year, giving me a ton of options so I could up my eyebrow game. Here are my current favorites!


NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder – This is my favorite product for everyday use. This holds two shades of brow powder and a wax, and also comes with a mini spooly brush and angled brush, but clearly I have lost them or thrown them out, who knows. The wax helps hold my brows in place and gives the color something to stick to, and having two colors allows me to customize my brows to get the most natural effect. This stuff is also super cheap, which makes my wallet very happy.


Milani Brow Fix Brow Kit – Another drugstore buy, this kit has two brow shades, a highlight shade, a sponge tip eyeshadow brush, mini angled brush, and mini tweezers (which, again, I have clearly lost). To be honest this kit isn’t my favorite because the colors are just a little off for me personally, but it is such a good product to take when traveling that it deserved a mention. The case clips shuts firmly, ensuring those mini tools won’t fall out, and there is even a mini mirror added, just big enough for you to concentrate on one brow at a time. The brow colors and highlighter can also double for eyeshadows or even eyeliner, meaning I can throw this in my bag with some mascara and my entire eye area is set.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – This is my absolute favorite eyebrow pencil. The formula is so smooth, unlike many that are dry and apply patchy, and the color blends easily. The pencil is duo ended, with one end being the color and the opposite end containing a spooly (and a good quality one, at that!). This is another great product for travel, since it’s slim design takes up almost no space in my makeup bag. I like to use this on its own, or combined with my powders or pomade to touch up and get clean, more precise edges. My only complaint is that the writing on the product wears away…I can’t remember for the life of me what shade I have this pencil in so I’ll have to be color matched all over again when I repurchase.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade – ABH is considered the queen of brows, and two of her most coveted products are the Brow Wiz and this pomade. The pomade is packaged in the most lux glass jar, and the littlest bit goes a long way, ensuring I get my money’s worth. I love this stuff for a night out or big event, as it can take me a bit longer to apply, and it can give me more of a glam look than I can achieve with powder or pencil.


Anastasia Beverly Hills Small Angle Cut Brush #15 – Whether I’m applying powder or pomade, I always reach for this brush. It’s soft enough that I don’t worry about harsh lines, yet stable enough to be precise, and has just the right amount of density. This works great in whatever product I put it in, and is gentle to the touch. I’ve put this through multiple washes and countless spot cleanings, and have yet to lose a bristle to shedding.

I didn’t include demos because…well…ya girl’s brow game isn’t strong, and I would not do the products justice, but if a novice like me is singing their praises then it must be worth checking out, right? These products are fairly easy to use and great quality, making them perfect for both novices and pros alike. How do you keep your brows in check?


12 thoughts on “Woman Seeking: Brow Product Recommendations

  1. HoneyBlondeBeth says:

    I’ve used a couple of these products myself! I really like Milani’s Brow Fix (used it in my most recent youtube video) and I’ve tried Anastasia’s Brow Gel as well–I’m not sure if I like it as much and kind of want to try the pencil version. Have you tried it?


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