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Woman Seeking: Products I Regret Purchasing

After posting a couple of haul videos, a reader asked me if I ever had any buyer’s remorse. With all of the products in my collection, I was bound to have a couple of duds, right? Right! I do. Occasionally, even with my careful planning and research, items still end up on my vanity that go unused, forever mocking me. It’s inevitable that you will spend your hard earned cash on products that you don’t like or don’t work for you at some point, but hopefully you won’t make the same mistakes I did on these eleven products I regret buying.

Disclaimer: as always, these opinions are my own, based on my own experience. Every single company listed makes other products that I enjoy and use daily. Just because something didn’t work for me, does not mean it won’t work for you! Everybody has different coloring and skin types and body chemistry. So if I list your favorite, holy grail item, don’t be offended! Go on using it and be happy it worked out well for you!


The Body Shop Lip Butter – Confession: I have three of these. Three! Of the same product that I don’t like. None of which were purchased together. Ridiculous. To be fair, the Shea flavored one (not pictured) came in a little travel kit. Anywho…these lip butters aren’t the worst thing on the market, but they sure are far from the best. They smell absolutely amazing which is exactly what I would expect from a product by The Body Shop, and are uber thick. However, I cannot wear these in public. They give your lips such a cake frosting type coating that is so unappealing. For being such a thick formula, these also aren’t the most moisturizing thing I own, either. I still hang on to these and use them overnight so I don’t have to waste some of my preferred lip treatments.


L’oreal Miss Manga Mascara in Blackest Black – A favorite of many, this just does not work for me. I’ve tried using it alone, under another mascara, and over another mascara. It is true to it’s “manga” name, but not in a flattering way for me. This gives me thick, clumped together spider lashes. Now, there are ways to have that look that work, but this was not doing it for me. I’m not sure if it’s the formula or the brush but the combo is awful.


Maybelline Baby Skin Instant Pore Eraser – I’m always up for products that minimize my pores, and was super happy to hear about a drugstore option. Supposedly this is a dupe for Benefit’s The Porefessional, but I have used that and let me tell you what, it is not. This has a thicker, petroleum jelly like consistency that does blend out well, but never really loses it’s greasy feeling. It does do a good job of hiding pores, I will give it that. I do find that I get oily quicker and need to blot more frequently when I use this. I also feel that this product has a higher chance of giving me a pimple. All silicone primers clog my pores and give me pimples if I use them too often or too heavily, but I feel even using this one day a week has me risking a breakout. I keep this stuff to use when I’m practicing a new makeup look in my bathroom and I’m going to be washing my face as soon as I’m finished.


Eyes Lips Face (ELF) $1 Brush Range – I used to have a few face brushes from this line, but these are the only two I have remaining, and to be honest I don’t even use them for makeup. The bristles are rough and are prone to splaying and shedding. The handle also detaches easily from the metal tubing. The ELF $3 brushes are leaps and bounds better than this line. Do yourself a favor and spend the extra cash.


Garner Skin Renewal Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream for Combination to Oily Skin in Light/Medium – I had used the original version of this for a few months when they came out with the combo/oily formula, and I was so excited because my only problem with the original was that it made me too shiny and oily as the day progressed. This product was a problem from the go, however. The consistency wasn’t a thicker BB type formula as the original had been, but rather extremely liquidy. I’m sure this has something to do with keeping it good for combo/oily skin, but it meant I could no longer simply use my hands and have this be my lazy day foundation. Bummer. It also still made my face oily as the day went on. It doesn’t claim to keep oil at bay, in all fairness, but typically people with combo to oily skin don’t want to be made oilier any faster than they would get normally.


Maybelline Define A Brow in Light Brown – I used this for years even though the color was never quite right, but there were never really any great comb-and-pencil brow products on the market that I was aware of. In the last year, though, eyebrows and eyebrow filling-in have blown up in popularity and been revamped so that there is an option out there for everyone and every shade. Reluctantly, that now makes this product a regret. I do think people with darker hair and brows could use this product easily, but us lighter haired ladies and gentlemen will find it pulls too warm for a brow product. I’ve also found a more affordable option with NYX, so I can’t even keep it or recommend it under the guise of a drugstore option.


Eyes Lips Face (ELF) Glitter Liquid Eyeliner in Copper – This is the eyeliner equivalent to cheap glitter polish. It wasn’t nearly as pigmented as it seemed, with more clear with glitter particles as opposed to solid glitter, and the glitter was so rough! It was also super annoying to remove, with pieces of glitter constantly stuck around your eye. No. Just, no.


Almay Eyeshadow in (110) Lilac and (140) Vintage Grape – These eyeshadows are probably one the biggest disappointments on this list. The colors are so beautiful in the pan and the packaging is so sleek and different. The formula is smooth and buttery. Sadly, the pigmentation is not there. The swatches on the left are without primer, and the swatches on the right are with primer, and either way they barely show up, even with a heavy hand. And when I get the colors to show up, blending is NOT an option because they brush away so quickly. I’m always on the hunt for beautiful purple shadows and these were such a let down. Sigh.


Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hour Eyeshados in (35) Tough as Taupe – I absolutely adore this line of eyeshadows so including this was painful, but I do regret this purchase. I don’t regret buying this because it’s a bad product or dries out, but instead because I never use this color. I have another from this same line that I love to use, but in can never figure out how or when to use this Taupe. I even tried using it for my brows, which actually may work for some of you, but it a tad too dark for my liking. I have oily lids and this is really the first cream eyeshadow that I could use and have it look good. Word to the wise, however, do not use a primer. The picture on the left is sans primer and although it appears more brown for some reason, the pigmentation and formula works so much better on bare skin. The picture on the right was with primer, which sheers it out and makes it too moveable, which is exactly the opposite of what primer typically does with eyeshadows.


NYX The Natural Shadow Palette – Although I’m a huge fan of NYX lip products, my foray into their world of eyeshadow was not pleasant. These shadows are so lightly pigmented, even with a primer, and powdery to boot. The only colors I like from this palette are the two darkest, which means I dislike over half the palette! Totally not worth it.


Lorac Pro To Go Palette (Quad) – Not to be mistaken for their other Pro To Go palette, which includes products for both eyes and cheeks, this palette came in a limited edition collection that also included eye brushes, mascara, and a brush roll. I bought it on sale and although I think the mascara and eye brushes were worth the price I paid, I was fairly disappointed in the eye palette. The Ivory color doesn’t work well with my skin tone, and while I love the Rosé and Spice colors, the Aubergine shows up dirty and chalky. Both Spice and Aubergine also have quite a bit of fallout, and because they are dark colors, this can lead to a gigantic mess very easily. While I would repurchase the entire bundle solely for the mascara and brushes, the eyeshadow has made me hold off on trying the famous Lorac Pro and Pro 2 eyeshadow palettes.

Luckily, for the amount of products I own, my list of regrets is fairly short. I’m sure there are more disastrous products out there just waiting for me to make that mistake, but hopefully some of you can learn from me like I learn from others! Here’s to hoping, anyways!



10 thoughts on “Woman Seeking: Products I Regret Purchasing

  1. anabelsbeautytalk says:

    I 100% agree with you on the pore eraser and the nyx palette, they are really terrible. I was able to work with the miss manga on my bottom lashes though. Nice post ❤


    • Me too! These and empties posts tend to be my favorites because theyre more review-esque. And with empties yoi nbow the person has time to really form an opinion as opposed to “I tried this once and it was great!” Where two weeks down the line it could be causing them problems

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Love this post! I agree the lip butters are thick but I love them for overnight lol but definitely doesn’t work for daytime usage. Shame Manga didn’t work for you because I have been meaning to try it. The L’Oreal Butterfly doesn’t work for me so I was hoping their Miss Manga would *womp womp* xoxox Janet


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